Peter HorstHi Everyone,

My name is Peter Horst. I live in The Netherlands, married and have a beautiful son.

I’m very happy you have found my website, I want it to be the start of our endeavour together. Whether or not your have (online) marketing experience, I would like this to be the place to get back to when you need help, talk about the subject of Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

I’ve seen many scams, get-rich-in-a-day offers, and trust me, they don’t work. They are just there to get the most money out of you as possible, without any return. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

One of my passions is practicing Karate. I practice it for around 20 years now, and the analogy between Karate and Online Marketing is, that it’s both learned by practicing, and practicing. It takes hard work and perseverance. You do not get results in a week, probably neither in a month. But with hard work, fun doing it and some patience you WILL succeed. It’s just a matter of time.

My goal is to help other people get the best possible guidance to make the right decisions and get informed about Online Marketing, and avoid the scams that are out there.

please leave a message below, or get in touch with me via (here’s a link to my profile) looking forward to your thoughts.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading and taking action!

Your Friend,