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SSL for your blog, do you really need it?

Not so long ago internet addresses that started with https seemed reserved for banks and other organizations that exchanged sensitive information through their network. Nowadays you see more and more “regular blogs” with such a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection. But what exactly is https, and does your blog really need it? What is SSL? When …

Google goes Mobile-First: it’s join or quit!

If you already have a responsive website, there is no problem, the mobile and desktop versions don’t differ from each other. In other cases there could be a separate mobile version of the site next to the desktop version, where the desktop version is leading. Here you often see that the mobile version is a ‘light’ …

Yoast WordPress SEO Tips

There are some WordPress SEO secrets that many SEO experts just don’t share. And why not? That’s just because they are so simple that everyone assumes you already know them. You get the best WordPress SEO results when you know what to do. Here are three WordPress SEO tips that should give you good results in …

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