Is Wealthy Affiliate University legit or not?


Name: Wealthy Affiliate University
Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here) // Premium Membership, $49
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 99 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert

I’ve seen a lot of people around the internet who are looking for some ways to earn money online, and trust me, it’s definitely possible and, in fact, I am working from home online as an Internet Marketer using the best program I ever have met.

The first time I saw Wealthy Affiliate University it was while doing a research about making money online (or offline), and that was the moment I arrived to a website where the guy (the one who introduced me to the WA program) was giving different reviews about many internet marketing programs, affiliate programs and multilevel marketing companies, so I decide to take look on his content and do my own research about the program.
It is incredible that I never found a bad review or information about this program!… I can’t believe it!
But, that means that the program really works… However, I was afraid, skeptical with the idea of starting something new in the online world, even when the program offers a guide of “how to start an online business for free”… yes, for FREE! (AMAZING).
Finding this amazing online University is one of the best things that happened to me, just because I have been scammed many times by the hands of theses systems called “get rich quick just for…”, or the great “Guru” that can teach you how to earn millions investing just 100U$… or more.
That’s why I founded GGC… I want to dedicate this website to help people how to avoid scams, with the online marketing experience and the network marketing industry, and also I want to Teach people how to start their own online business for FREE, just as I did.
My intention with this review is to tell you the truth and just the truth about the Wealthy Affiliate University and show you how and why you can learn money with their Online Entrepreneur Certification Program.
So…Let’s start with this!

What is Wealthy Affiliate University?


First, I want to start by saying that Wealthy Affiliate University is NOT a pyramid system, nor is it a program to get rich overnight…
Wealthy Affiliate University, founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, two online entrepreneur who were always dreaming about the creating an online business, working 100% from home and helping people doing the same.

Kyle and Carson meet in college while coursing their degree specialized in computer systems and science, and today they still are close friends and business partners.
They have been working very close with the community, giving their support and help with all you need to achieve success online, uploading new trainings, webinars, tips for online business and innovating more and more the internet marketing business.

The Main theme of the University is creating your own business (Starting for free) using the affiliate marketing as a principal tool, and all the internet sources, including Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank, the Social network, email marketing, etc.
Wealthy Affiliate is a program that teaches you how to market a product or service based on what you love, can be any product that interests you, the business community WA teaches you how to monetize and earn revenue with.

As just mentioned, affiliate marketing is based on 4 essential steps:

1. Choose an Interest

It can be whatever you want or love to share with others. Everyone has a hobby, something that makes us feel great to use, or to promote for some reason.

2. Build a Website

A website will be like our place, our market that we will use to promote any product or idea that we think is helpful for someone who is searching about that.
Starting you build your website is as easy as take a glass of water, it will take you 30 seconds and it is TOTALLY FREE.

3. Get human traffic

Traffic is what every single business in the world wants and needs. The traffic is real people who visit your business looking for something, something that you have or must have on it.

Real people searching in your business can mean real revenue ($).
The WA program will teach you how to do it step by step, you just have to put your hard work and you will get it.

4. Earn money selling stuff that interest people who visit your page

Every business must have a product or service to offer (the niche).
Your product is often something that you love (or feel passion for) or something that is projected to a specific market, but there are a millions and millions of people looking for something every second on the internet! …and you can take advantage of that.

How can you earn money with this program?

Well, honestly, there are many ways where you can earn money with your business, but I will explain the main form and the best of the best: Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is a system that allows you to promote another product (can be one that you already use) and earn a commission when people purchase it, as simple as that. You will be guiding people to realize their purchase in the best way you can and to the best place you can recommend.

For example:

If you like cars, you can create your own website about cars where you can talk about everything you want about it: Paint cars, wheels, accessories, etc.
Then, you will recommend many places where people can buy what you are recommending and you will earn a commission for every purchase.
Or maybe you love shoes, your website can be a completely shoes store and you can share a lot of information about shoes. Kind of material, resistance, how to combine it with your clothes style and many other tips.
There is a lot of shoes affiliate program that you can use to recommend to your audience and earn a commission with.

About the Wealthy University Study Program

Yes, as a university, we have a study program. A program to follow to become successful internet marketers and help others to be the same.
The first thing that everyone has to take to start their internet career is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Program.

With this course you will learn everything you need to start your own successful online business, in fact, you can start earning money while taking the classes.
One of the best part that I love about this awesome university is that you have access to a 24/7 support team if you get stuck with something in the course, every time you need something you just have to go to your office bar and ask for help, I am pretty sure that you will find what you need there… I promise!

Start learning for FREE HERE!

Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons.


There are many benefits on the difference between an online business and a traditional offline business.

  • You can generate income with any theme you like and passionate.
  • Video tutorials on how to upload your website and drive traffic to your business.
  • Thousands of members of the community willing to help you in whatever you need.
  • 2 websites available for use.
  • Frequent workouts.
  • 13 classrooms (first is free in Starter Membership) with task to help you in your knowledge.
  • Levels of basic and advanced training.
  • You can start for free.



I honestly believe that when you really quires do something, the “cons” do not really matter because your desire to succeed are bigger, but given that many want to see a negative comparison, here say a few of them:

  • The free membership is great, but to access all training and chat for greater success, you must be a premium member.
  • If you do not disable email notifications, you can wake up with 40 new emails or more! lol (as me).
  • The Chat sometimes becomes as some drug… you get addicted! And you can spend a lot of time inside.
  • If you cannot handle the frustration at not being able to do something, you can feel annoyed (But remember that there is always help available!!)

What is the cost of the program?

Joining to Wealthy Affiliate University is totally free for 7 days!… in this 7 days you have the chance to decide if this is really for you or not, thereafter you can upgrade to premium (the best decision) for just $19! The first month with the special offer, and then $49/month.
Also, you have the option of the yearly pay for just $359!! (Less than 1 dollar/day)
If you calculate, the premium membership with $49/month is a $588/year… You save $229!

Check the image below for more details about the benefits.

A little comparison

When you go to school, studying a career it will cost you a lot (More than wealthy affiliate), just for the semester (without mention all the material you will need and other stuffs), and you are not sure about getting a job in the process or when you finish.
I’m not trying to convince you about wealthy affiliate is the best choice for you, I’m trying that you convince yourself about it (as I did before).

My Final Words + “The Special Bonus”

Join the program, it’s for FREE, 0$. You can cancel when you want, or you can come back to me and say that it is not what you want or like, honestly. Are you ready to start your own business for Free?, before joining, I will be in touch with you in the first hour. I want that you make sure that you will set up your account, it is very simple and fast!

Join Wealthy Affiliate University, for FREE.

How can you claim your Bonus?

Once you join your FREE membership, I will offer you a bonus if you take the decision of becoming a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including the 59% discount).
I will contact you when you create your account within the community to give you my welcome and some information about Wealthy Affiliate. TRUST ME, it’s going to be AWESOME.